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Bookkeeping & Final Accounts

Cost effective, accurate and timely financial record keeping and reporting. Essential for the success of your business.

Accurate and timely bookkeeping is absolutely essential for any business to function successfully. Good financial records allow you to:

  • Understand how you are doing
  • Grow your business more efficiently
  • Manage your cash flow
  • Make better informed decisions
  • Keep HMRC happy
  • Raise capital and credit

But let’s face it. That’s not where business owners and managers really want to spend their time and resources. You want to be drumming up new business, or developing new products and services.

Our expert bookkeeping team will integrate seamlessly with your organisation to produce accurate and timely financial records and management reports for your business without the overhead of staff contracts. You will benefit from the team’s experience across many other businesses as they understand the common issues and problems faced by businesses like yours.

We can help you:

Focus your time and resources on growing a more profitable business

With our expert bookkeeping team taking care of your financial record keeping, you can concentrate your management time and resources on what you do best; building sales and developing your products and services. Safe in the knowledge that the financial records you need to run the business successfully are accurate and up to date. All without the expensive overhead commitment of employed personnel.

Stay afloat - Manage your cashflow

A profit is only a profit when the money is actually in your bank account. Until then it is theoretical. Many companies are forced to stop trading because they forget that fundamental truth. They simply don’t manage their cash flow, the lifeblood of any company. Accurate and up-to-date financial records will make sure you know what cash you have available today and over the next few months. You will soon be alerted if there is a problem and you can optimise your cash position by paying to terms and chasing due debt. Or you save more time and let us do that for you too!

Make better informed decisions

Keeping your financial records accurate and up to date means we can provide you with the management information you need, so you know how your business is performing at any point in time, and what actions you may need to take to ensure long term success. You will have the information at your fingertips when deciding how to expand and the options available to you. As well as keeping your books accurate and up to date our financial team have many years of experience in the ups and downs of running an SME and can provide a valuable source of advice.

Keep HMRC happy

Every business needs to make sure they pay HMRC the tax that is owed at the time it is due. Otherwise heavy penalties and investigations can result, tying up valuable resources and management time. Our financial team will make sure your tax and VAT is calculated correctly so you pay only what is due. Should there be any questions from HMRC, you will be able to provide a professionally prepared set of financial records which should quickly satisfy their requirements.

Raising finance/credit

When you are looking to raise capital or credit, our professionally prepared financial records will significantly increase your chances of success. Investors and bank managers will feel confident they are being presented with a clear and accurate picture of what is going in your enterprise. Making it much more likely that you will get the decision you are looking for.

To discuss how our financial team can give you the time and resource back to grow your business more efficiently please contact Martin Cantor on 01737 845586 or email:

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