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Company Directorship / Company Secretary

Cost-effective business advice on hand and efficiently run company administration.

As businesses grow it can sometimes be useful to have an experienced individual as part of your team, playing a more active role in moving to the next stage of development.  It can certainly be far more cost-effective to have someone embedded within the business instead of continually seeking a consultant's advice. In addition, the role of the non-exec can be vital in offering impartial and realistic advice to an entrepreneur whose instincts may outpace his business's ability to keep up.

A Company Secretary can be very useful in fielding many of the bureaucratic issues which a business owner faces. In particular, taking ownership of dealings with HMRC and Companies House immediately frees up the business owner to keep bringing in the business. Furthermore, the company secretary can help create and run simple internal reporting processes to support the business as it develops.

There will also be a host of other issues for the Company Secretary to address, ranging from Risk Management and Health and Safety processes through to ensuring that appropriate insurances are in place and contractual matters are in order.

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