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Invoicing & Credit Control

You take care of getting the business in. We will make sure you are paid on time and your cashflow is maintained.

The operation of an efficient credit control system is critical to the survival of any business. Poor management of cash flow is the key reason many SME’s go under.

Credit control is another essential aspect of the business that can divert valuable management time away from building sales, or incur further overhead commitment in the form of additional staff to operate. But someone needs to make sure the money comes in on time, so you can continue trading!

By ‘insourcing’ the Cantor Atkin financial team to operate your credit control, you can avoid the overhead commitment of staff and release management time to concentrate on growing the business. Safe in the knowledge that:

  • Your invoices will go out on time
  • You will be paid on time
  • Your cash flow will be maintained
  • Bad debts will be minimised

To find out more about how we can help you cost effectively maintain your cash flow, please ring Martin Cantor on 01737 845586 or email:

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