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Business Structure

Set up the right business structure for your circumstances.

Starting a new business is an exciting, but also nerve-wracking time. There are a multitude of issues to deal with and get right from the very beginning.

High on the list of priorities is the business structure. In what capacity are your services or products to be offered? Will you be self-employed, in partnership or will you set up a company?

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with each of the choices.  Making the right choice is really important and in coming to a decision you will need to consider:

  • Your long-term plans; do you intend to sell the business in the medium term?
  • Any business partners or collaborators who may, now or in the future, have a stake in the business
  • The protection of personal assets from business-related claims
  • Cost

Cantor Atkin can help you consider these, and other issues, carefully so that you make the decision that is right for your circumstances.

To find out which company structure is right for you, contact Martin Cantor on 01737 845586 or email:

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